To give a gift, you do not always have to look for an occasion or a reason. The gift can be a spontaneous show of affection, for example. Or, it may be a custom as with Christmas Gifts.

Leaving aside thecool gifts or spontaneous details, we will focus on the occasions in which a gift should be made or to have a detail with another person in an almost “obligatory” way for reasons of courtesy, custom, and good manners.

The first thing we must be clear about is that a gift is a way of showing appreciation and consideration for another person. That is why a gift is made to please and surprise, not to annoy or show off.

Occasions When Gift-Giving Is Appropriate

  1. Celebrations: Most of the invitations to a celebration, such as weddings, baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries, etc., usually carry the commitment to make a gift or have a detail.
  2. Events. Suppose a family member, friend, and client, has an accident, is operated on, has any mishap, etc. In that case, it is appropriate to send him a detail to wish him a speedy recovery or that that wrong moment passes soon.
  3. Events. If that person that we love so many rises, has drawn opposition, has been a father for the first time, or has been given an award for any reason … the lucky person is usually congratulated with some congratulatory detail.
  4. Acknowledgments. When they do us a favor, please help us with a problem or task, etc., it is polite to have a token of appreciation for it.
  5. Christmas. It is the time of year in which more commitment gifts are made both in the business environment and in the personal environment, based on the Christmas dates. There is no need to celebrate anything, not a birthday, not an anniversary … a mishap doesn’t need to occur or that we have been invited to a party … it is given for being Christmas. For being a relative of …, for having been a good customer during the year, for being Christmas. Christmas gifts are a widespread tradition throughout the Western world with Christian roots. Today, it is a common practice almost everywhere in the world.
  6. Other occasions. There are many other occasions when a gift can be given, such as completing the course, graduating, finishing a degree, or other situations that already fall within the intimate realm. They are gifts that are made out of love, affection, or other private matters. Gifts are given on special dates with a special meaning, for example, a wedding anniversary or a particular date.

Boxes With Gifts

In any case, we should always try to please the person who receives that gift. Let’s not just try to “cover” the commitment with a gift. You don’t have to give away. We must put a little love and interest so that the gift is more than a simple reason to comply.