Socket plug is one of the most common electronic equipment that is available at every place. And this socket plug is also best known as power socket. It help us to get the electricity pass through equipment to make them work. In addition these power socket outlet [ปลั๊ก ต่อ พ่วง, which is the term in Thai] are extremely multitasking at one time we can take benefit from different sockets. Let’s take an example of our daily life routine then we surly use these socket plugs but wait have ever thought the these plugs has now fascinated everyone’s lives in different ways. Listed below are the few common advantages of socket plugs,

It saves a lot of power energy:

Getting your house automate is one the best and relaxing feeling ever. Now a days every single detail counts smart plugs will help you to control any electronic device. Not only this there are many best way to use these socket plugs out of which one is saved energy. Yes! Mostly used smart appliances like computers, hair tools, mobile phone and tablets waste a lot of power energy. Smart plugs now use to reduce the amount of energy consumption. One can easily turn off the socket plugs when they are done with using the appliance which results in reducing the energy cost. 3 socket plug [ปลั๊ก สาม ตา, which is the term in Thai] is highly recommended for computer and laptop use.

Smart plugs now get turn off and on by its own:

These smart plugs can now get switch on and off by their own. If you are a coffee lover and always start your day with a mug of coffees then now one can enjoy it every day without making any efforts. All we need to do is connect the coffee maker to the smart plug, set the timer and done. These smart plugs will automatically get switched on and will prepare your coffee. In addition it will also help you to reduce the coffee maker wattage by automatically turning off the plug as per set amount of time.