It is an easy game to play for beginners and you can develop your skill further with time. Indian Rummy is an extremely popular card game originating from India and popular all over the world. It is 100% legal in India. It is a game full of excitement and suspense and can be played for cash or without cash. The objective is to make the card sequences or sets before your opponents do.

As exciting as the game is to play and to win, Rummy has a few cool facts which we have brought to you all Rummy fans to know about and marvel at :

  1. Origin Story

Rummy is said to have originated in the 19th century from a spanish card game called Conquain and eventually travelled across Europe to England. It is said that the name ‘Rummy’ originates from England. It was known as a unique game with simple rules yet requiring close attention and practiced skill to play the game. Some groups also believe that Rummy could have originated with the oriental game of Mah-jong, a tile based matching game. Noone really knows the real history. 

Today, Rummy is a very popular game across the world. In India, Rummy is an extremely popular game played in almost every household and even more so since the advent of online games.

  1. Rich man’s Poker 

Originating in 19th Century France, Rummy was a game that used to be played as Rum or Whiskey Poker, in which the loser would have to buy the next round of drinks for the players. Rummy would thus have descended from a poker game which was played by rich people. It is said that the cards used to be hand painted and were thus expensive. Since it involved expensive cards and alcoholic drinks, it was played mainly among rich people or in Rich families. 

  1. Variations

Being a family game, Rummy has 100s of small variations of Rummy, which must have originated with small customisations made to suit families’ tastes. Some of the customisations caught on in popularity and were adopted by other families. Some of the most popular variations of Rummy are : 13-point classical Indian Rummy, gin Rummy, Penang, Rummy 500, speed Rummy, and block Rummy. Some Rummy variations are also known as flash or flush in India. In some fan circles Rummy is said to be the mother of all card games. Online rummy has made all these variations available at the fingertips of players across the globe. 

  1. Playtime

Rummy is said to have originated as a family game, played for long hours as a source of entertainment and family bonding. Evidently Rummy games can stretch across hours together. In fact, historically, Rummy is known to have been a game with the longest play time, longer even than the play time of all board  and card games of the time. There is no record of the longest game of Rummy ever played. However, Rummy has a 500 hour time limit. This is interesting to note as it shows just how long Rummy games must have stretched for, even when it originated. 

  1. Ban in several countries:

Rummy is thought to be a gambling game in some countries (and even in some Indian states)  and hence is banned even though the game actually requires considerable skill to play and/or win. Rummy is popular in the United States, India, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Romania, Germany, Spain, New Zealand, and Argentina. There are many games derived from Rummy like Pinochle and Bridge. 


Rummy is a fun and entertaining game and has a very interesting back story too. You can get online on our site and start playing instantly. You can choose to play for cash too on our site, while we ensure that your transactions and details are perfectly safe and secure on our encrypted site. You can also find articles to know how to play Rummy as a beginner, get tips and tricks to play Rummy, and more on popular platforms such as the RummyPassion website.