Back in the day, playing board games, charades, and other indoor games was all your family and friends’ game night consisted of. Even if you wanted to go out and experience going to an Escape Room venue, it was rather too expensive—or worse, there was no game room venue in your area.

Fortunately, now you can create your own immersive “Escape Room” game in the comfort of your home! How? Well, aside from creating or downloading an Escape Room Kit—I will tell you everything you need to know.

First, let’s discuss the elements you need to make a successful and immersive escape room game at home.


5 Elements of an Escape Room Game

An immersive escape room experience at home wouldn’t be possible without these 5 elements. For you to create a DIY escape room, you will need to include all of these elements.

Story or theme

Any immersive escape room kit starts with a good plot or story. It could be anything from a murder mystery, zombie apocalypse, jailbreak, treasure hunting, and other themes appropriate for the players’ age. You can either come up with the story yourself if you feel creative or download a DIY escape room kit with well-crafted stories from websites like


The key to creating an immersive at-home escape room is to design your set with props. You can download images from the internet or use existing props at home—as long as it goes with the theme.


Just like building a world using props, you can buy from the internet, simple atmosphere settings such as adjusting the lighting, adding sound effects, and other decorations can significantly affect your overall escape room experience. The elements in your set also add tension and pressure, making the game more immersive.


Promoting critical thinking with the use of puzzles is an important element in an escape room. You can use any existing puzzle, such as sliding block puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, etc. It would be easier than crafting your own puzzles from scratch.

The journey

Now that you have your story set and puzzles ready. The next thing you want to craft is the players’ path or journey. Skilled designers would know how to integrate puzzles with the elements of the story. Perhaps creating a path the players should take is one of the most challenging elements of creating an escape room from scratch.


Downloading an Escape Room Kit

Don’t have time to create an escape room game from scratch? You can always download a ready-to-use escape room kit from Lock Paper Scissors. They have some of the best escape room kits for all ages—enabling you to transform your home into an immersive adventure for you and your friends!

You can choose from thousands of options. They are affordable and less time-consuming than crafting an escape room from scratch, especially if you can’t think of an activity for your next house party or event.