Moving to a new home or upgrading your existing home is quite stressful as well as exciting. Making sure that all the essentials of home furnishing are in place and look good is quite challenging. Additionally, going around to retail stores looking for the right furniture is time-consuming. However, you can shop for furniture online at stores like Wakefit at the convenience of your home and save lots of time and money. Here is a checklist of essential furniture that is a must-have and can give your home a fresh look without pinching your pocket.

Living Room Furniture Checklist


One of the essential pieces of furniture in the house is the sofa. This is large and occupies a huge amount of space, and is an expensive item to buy. Moreover, it is of great value as it adds to the comfort of the family. It is the first place people drop into after a long day at work. Additionally, every other item in the living room revolves around the couch. Some of the tips to consider when picking a sofa for your room are:


Choosing based on functionality: To buy a sofa based on functionality, there are a few questions that you should have answers to.

How many people will use the sofa at the same time?

  • If you have a large family, then a sectional sofa is the right fit; additional seating is available when everyone sits in the living room for a family day.
  • If a bachelor pad or a couple living in a small apartment, a love seat or a two-seater sofa would suffice.
  • If you are a family of three with a moderate living room space, then a three-seater sofa is ideal.

Are there pets or children in your house?

If there are pets or children at home, then the sofa material should be such that it does not tear easily. In addition, the fabric should be easy to clean if there are any spills or accidents.

Do you host parties?

If you are a social person and often host parties, the sofa should accommodate them. A sectional sofa will have many seating options that can be used when many people are in your living room.

Once you have answered these questions, you can then choose a sofa based on your functional needs. Next, you can consider the style based on the aesthetics and the shape and size of the room. Remember that a sofa is a big investment and hence it should last long. So while purchasing a sofa, don’t just look at short-term trends but also functional and stylish.

Coffee table

A centre table or coffee table is another important item in your living room. It is an item that can bring all the elements of the living room together. This is placed in front of the sofa and holds trays, magazines, remote controls, and more. It is a multi-functional item and serves different needs. The coffee table comes in many different materials; the wooden furniture gives a classy look and feel. A wooden table with a glass top provides a modern look and feel to space.


Other Items in the Living Room

  • Bookshelves
  • Rugs
  • Chairs/Recliners
  • Side tables
  • Drawers
  • Entertainment unit

Bedroom Furniture Essentials

The bedroom is an important part of the home as this is the place where you spend most of your day. To make this space warm and welcoming, some of the essential furniture pieces are:


The biggest and the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. The things to consider when buying a bed frame are:

  • The size of the mattress: The bed frame and the mattress should be of the same size for maximum comfort and longevity of the mattress.
  • The size of the room: The size of the bed frame should be based on the size of the room. If the bed frame is too large, it can overwhelm the space, and if it is too small, it looks awkward. Hence the bed frame should be dependant on the size of the room.
  • Headboard: The bed frame headboard adds to the aesthetics of the room. Depending on your style preference, one can opt for simple or exquisite designs.
  • Storage: The bed frame comes with many storage options. There will be storage space on the sides and under the bed, and ideal for homes with a space crunch.


Wardrobes are important as they help to keep the room clean and organised. Depending on the size available, one can opt for 2, 3, or 4 door wardrobes. It can be used to store clothes, bedding, or other items of your choice. These can be made from different materials, but the wooden furniture gives a classy look and is durable.

Other items in your bedroom are

  • Dressing table
  • Bedside tables
  • Chairs

Study/Office Room Essentials

Bookshelves: A bookshelf is a necessary piece of wooden furniture for a study/office room. It is used to store and organise the books so that the space looks neat and tidy.

A study table: This may look like an obvious addition to your home office or study, but many people try to make do without it or use the wrong one. The table should be of the right size and height to accommodate things you need to be productive.

A study chair: An ergonomic chair is another important thing in a study room. It has to be of the right height, depth and comfort so that you can sit upright and be alert and active.

Other Essentials for your Home

  • A dining table
  • Lamps
  • Curtains
  • A chest of drawers

Decorating a new home or upgrading the existing furniture is stressful; however, it can be made fun and stress-free by doing a little homework in the beginning. Then, based on your lifestyle and needs, make a list of needed things for your house. Some of the furniture pieces are optional, while some are a must-have. Whether it is optional or a must-have, online shopping brings a lot of convenience to shoppers. Go online and shop for wooden furniture and save money!