Due to the fast-paced way of living, most parents all around the world rely on smartphones and Kindles to entertain their children. Parents are busy in their lives and hardly find time to take care of their children. It’s high time to realise the fact that electronic gadgets are never a healthier substitute for activities like short stories, drawing, and colouring. Electromagnetic radiations released by electronic gadgets are highly dangerous for kids. It can cause insomnia, headache, lack of concentration, loss of memory, dizziness, tiredness etc. The light emitted by these gadgets at night is intolerable for children and can result in dysesthesia. 

Stories have the capability to offer a captivating journey to the world of wonders. It helps them explore the world of literature and to experience the true beauty of creative writing. Just like writing stories requires great talent, presenting a story in the most convincing and engaging way also requires great skill. It is not easy to grab the attention of kids. They easily slither from one topic to another as they are constantly urged to explore new things in their lives. There are a number of short stories available on the internet if your kids are interested in listening to stories. Lion and Mouse Story, The Monkey and The Crocodile, The Tortoise and The Hare etc., are some of the popular short stories for kids. All these stories convey a strong message or life lesson to kids. 

Benefits of Bedtime Stories for Kids

Kids love to hear short stories. They enjoy getting cuddled and listening to short stories from their parents during bedtime. The love for words and literature is one of the greatest gifts that a parent can offer to a child. Bedtime stories offer an opportunity for parents to be silly with their little ones. Parents can imitate different voices and out-tell the stories according to their creativity and interest. Moreover, it helps them to present their inner actor and entertain kids. Apart from these, it offers numerous other benefits for kids, and some of the main ones are listed below. 

  • Bedtime stories help them build reading habits. Reading is an important skill in life. It helps children to enlarge their wisdom and provides opportunities to understand how the world works. The routine of listening to bedtime stories develops a love for reading books and enhances their interest in stories. 
  • Bedtime stories improve the imagination of kids. Kids imagine each character, event, and setting of the stories while they are hearing bedtime stories. It also provides an opportunity for children to think out of the box and to create a wonderland which is filled with fantasies and adventures. 
  • Bedtime stories help them to expand their vocabulary. Kids can easily grasp and learn multiple new words by listening to stories. It helps them improve their communication skills, pronunciation, and creativity. Listening to stories paves the way for the generation of multiple ideas in the minds of kids. Moreover, It can even inspire them to write a short story of their own. 
  • Bedtime stories help to strengthen the bond between parents and children. It provides an opportunity for parents to spend more time with their children to interact with and engage in conversation. And it also offers a chance to experience the lovely moments of life shared between them, which is one of the best feelings in the world. 
  • Bedtime stories help to set a routine for kids. Putting kids to bed is a challenging task for parents. Having a bedtime routine where parents read stories to kids will help them to fall asleep easily. It relaxes their minds and increases the production of sleep hormones. 

Listening to short stories is a stress-busting activity for kids. Bedtime stories for kids are an excellent technique to trick them into falling asleep. For more such learning topics and Bedtime stories for kids, visit BYJU’S website.