Grey hair is now a trend but there are some people who do not like grey hair. Grey hair happens when our hair loses melanin. So, if you are someone who does not like grey hair, then this is the right ‘hair colour for grey hair guide’ that you need! Grey hair can be coloured in various colours ranging from subtle brown to burgundy. You can also cover them with the basic black dye. But these colours have to be natural. What if we tell you that you can get amazing shades with natural hair dyes!?

Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair dyes are 100% natural. The dye comprises of natural ingredients that colour your hair while minimizing damage. This dye treats split ends, dandruff, frizzy hair, etc. This dye is affordable and convenient. You can colour your hair at home or can visit the salon as per your requirement. Hair colour conditions your hair and tames them, thereby making it manageable. These dyes breathe life into your hair by adding vibrance to it.

Also, hair colour is one of the easiest ways to transform your looks. Godrej hair colours are available in five shades that add volume to your tresses. Hair colours protect it from environmental factors like pollution, dirt, dust, etc. They also make you look more youthful. But to make you look good, it is essential to pick the right hair colour.

You can select the right shade based on your skin tone or undertone. There is a simple test to know your skin tone. Stand in the sun for 5-10 minutes. If your skin becomes red, then you have a cool skin tone. On the other hand, if your skin becomes tan in the sun, your skin tone is warm. There are different shades for cool and warm skin tones. Let us have a look at them.

Hair Colour for Grey Hair – Top Hair Shades

Covering grey hair can quite be a tedious and challenging task. But there are colours that you can definitely try to amp up your look and cover your grey hair. Below are the best hair colours that you can use to cover your greys.

  1. Medium Brown Hair Shade

Medium Brown is a subtle shade that adds warmth to your tresses. Medium brown is neither a dark shade nor a light one. It is definitely not too dark a shade. It covers your roots and colours your grey hair naturally. It is a subtle shade that gives you an instant younger look. It also outlines your face and enhances your complexion. Try out this subtle shade to give your hair a sun-kissed look.

  1. Medium Rose Gold Hair Shade

If you have a blonde or light brown natural hair colour, then this shade is for you. Since you have grey hair, you can colour them with this shade. This colour easily blends in your hair and gives your hair a deep rose gold hue. This hair colour provides your hair with a subtle, shiny look. It covers your grey hair effectively and complements your skin tone. This shade looks good with fair skin tones. Try out this shade to cover your greys from root to tip.

  1. Pearl Blonde Hair Shade

This is an absolutely stunning shade as it includes two amazing shades. This shade is a combination of natural pink and golden tones. This colour effectively brightens your skin tone and covers your grey hair completely. This provides a smooth transition from coloured to natural roots. This shade will suit anyone having blonde or brown hair. This hair shade gives your hair a creamy look and covers even your stubborn grey hair at the roots. For overall coverage, try out this shade now!

  1. Chestnut Brown Hair Shade

When it comes to covering grey hair, we always go with subtle shades. One such shade is Chestnut Brown. This shade looks best in highlighted form. It is a shade of brown that provides a golden shine to your tresses. This shade accentuates your facial features and enhances your complexion as well. This shade looks good on warm skin tones. Try out this amazing shade of brown for a gorgeous look.

  1. The Salt & Pepper Hair Shade

Since you have grey hair, you can try this hair combination. This is one of the sexiest shades by far. Grey hair can be disguised and styled with this technique. The transition in this hair colouring technique is unnoticeable. You can colour your hair black while adding a smooth transition of light grey shade. If you wish to experiment with your grey hair, this is a must-try technique.

  1. Blonde Balayage

Blonde is every woman’s go-to shade for hair colouring. This colour enhances your complexion and brightens your skin tone. Well, the best way to colour your hair is through the balayage hair colouring technique. You can colour your grey hair with blonde and pair it up with your naturally black hair to give your hair a perfect look. Balayage is the most-used technique to colour your hair because it adds depth to your locks and makes them appear thicker. Thus, you can try out this shade to give your hair a transformed look.

  1. Ash Brown Hair Shade

Ash brown shade is best for people having naturally black hair. You can colour your hair in a highlighted form wherever your greys are appearing. This shade adds a caramel shine to your tresses and provides it with an overall sun-kissed look. Ash brown is a light shade that suits well with people having black hair. This shade is not for brunettes. This hair colour lightens your features and gives you a gorgeous look. Try out this shade now!

  1. Jet Black Hair Shade

If you are confused about which hair colour to choose, you can simply go with black hair colour. Black is a constant and a classic colour that covers your greys and gives you a more mature look. This hair colour sharpens your features like jawlines, cheekbones, eyes, etc. This hair colour provides you with a natural and authentic look to slay every day. Try out this classic colour now!

  1. Auburn Hair Shade

This is also a shade of red and brown. Actually, the colours are mixed! Whenever we say auburn shade, it means that it has a tinge of red as well as brown. This shade adds vibrance and warmth to your hair. The best part about this shade is that it suits every skin tone, eye colour, etc. This shade rather makes your eye colour pop while enhancing your facial features. Thus, give your hair a shade of red and brown with this amazing hair shade.

So, these are the best hair colours for grey hair. Colouring grey hair is quite a challenging task. But the best part is that either you can style it or colour it. And when it comes to colour, having a natural hair dye is essential. Godrej Expert Rich Crème is one such natural hair dye that is 100% natural. It includes natural ingredients that condition your hair and minimizes the damage done to your hair while colouring. Thus, apart from colouring your hair, it cures your hair problems as well! try out the shades available by Godrej hair dyes.