If you are a beginner in the จีคลับ betting industry, you might wonder which games you should play. We have brought a collection of such games for you in this article. Read the complete article to know more about it.

Beginner Players

Whenever a user visits the จีคลับgaming website, there is already a lot on the plate. You can see a lot of games being displayed over there and hence it becomes difficult to select which game to play with.

Do not worry, this is faced by almost all the players who visit for the first time. We will help you to get through this by suggesting you a few handpicked games.

One of the first games to play for beginners can be slot games. Slot games are simple and easy to play. It requires a single-player and hence you do not have to form a team. Slot machines are available in which you can place your betting amount and get them started.

After spinning for a while, it will come to rest. Pay attention to the symbols being displayed and match them with the winning combination. If you find that the symbols match, then you win the bet. The winning amount will be directly deposited to your gaming wallet which you can later withdraw.

Card Games

Card games are the second easy option to play games with. There are various levels of card games and sub-categories. Start with the basic ones. To play card games, you require a minimum of two players.

The betting amount is not decided at first in card games. The card games are played in multiple rounds and each round, every player gets a chance to either increase or decrease the bet.

You will be able to also pass the option of increasing or decreasing. Note that no player is allowed to use the pass option two times consecutively.

You will be able to win the bets easily if you can win the most number of rounds in the จีคลับgame. The game takes a lot of time since each player places the bet in every round. Also, the entire bet amount is to be placed at the center of the table where all the players are seated.

Shooting Fish

Shooting fish is another most popular game among the new players. You are required to shoot as much fishes as you can. This game is usually played between two players. The player with the most number of shooted fish wins the bet.

Unlike the card games, the shooting fish game is not only dependent upon luck but also on skills. You will need a lot of practice to win shooting fish games. You can do the practice by downloading the game.


As we have come to the end of this article, let us summarize what we have read. We have read about a few handpicked games that can be played by beginner จีคลับplayers in the gaming and betting industry.