Epic is for affiliates to increase their sales. For the producer, the best tools to create the product sales page are klickpages and optimize press. These tools have ready-made page templates that sell a lot.

Not using the link bit to shorten the link

This error is serious. You never try the affiliate link made available by digital platforms without first improving the appearance of the link. If you disclose the direct link you will lose or not sell. That’s because the platform link is confusing, full of letters and numbers. Visitors will think it is a virus. So, use the website to shorten and create a persuasive link. The tool is free.

Now that you know the serious mistakes you can never make, let’s take a look at what’s new in affiliate marketing. Now You can see what they said in their reviews here and have the best deal.

Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2020


Main bet for 2020. TikTok is a new source of traffic and sales. The app reached the list of the lowest in the USA with 130 million users. Stay ahead of Face and Instagram. Famous influencers, like Winderson Nunes, already have 200,000 fans on TikTok. It is a platform for young audiences. It should take a little longer to pump in Brazil. But don’t wait for competitors to start using it for you to join as well. The ideal is to get ahead.


Increasingly high, Pinterest is a social network for sharing images. Topics such as fashion, decoration, health and cuisine have a greater audience. A Digital Marketing Ramblings survey says that 71% of the audience is women.

In other words, the idea here is to use affiliate marketing to promote products in the niches most loved by Pinterest users and preferably products for women.

Did you realize the importance of knowing where the product’s target audience is?

Voice Search

Some studies estimate that by mid-2021, 50% of online searches are done by voice commands. It is more practical than typing. So, research on voice optimization to get ahead of the competition and gain more visitors. Users need to find your content, products and services through voice command.

Diversify marketing channels

Don’t be mono platform, distribute your traffic source on Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. Whoever puts all the eggs in one basket will lose the game.

Chatbot for customer service

The trend is to automate the service process to scale sales. Chatbots help to solve customer problems quickly. The customer asks and the chatbot answers. With each new interaction with a customer, the chatbot evolves. The idea is to provide customer support as quickly as possible. If you are an affiliate and have doubts between two identical products with the same commission, visit the sales page and check which has chatbot. Also see which marketing is best.