Some people play rummy for fun, whereas others play the games for cash. The ones playing for cash are aware of the game inside out and have the courage and conviction to compete with expert players as opponents. Such players spend a lot of time practicing the game before moving to the cash rummy game. These even have a lot of winnings because of their efforts.

Depending on what kind of player you are, you must either opt for the practice game or cash game. Both the games are equally crucial for rummy lovers, but both have their pros and cons. Let us understand the play of rummy for both practice and cash games.

Practice Rummy Games

These are mostly preferred by the newcomers in the field of online rummy gaming. Few essential aspects of practice rummy are:

Ideal for beginners 

The best way to start playing rummy for the first time is by playing practice games instead of directly moving to play cash games. This becomes a natural choice for beginners.

Learning curve

New games can teach the points, understand the working of games and take time to get better. With regular practice, one can continuously improve skills and keep an eye on mistakes. One can learn to minimize mistakes and improve skills. All this eventually helps to move towards the professional gamer.


Practice games usually have no insecurity of money. These are simple and easy games designed for practising to move towards the professional ones by learning skills.

Strategy testing 

New players who aren’t experienced enough in rummy games can play practice games to test their rummy strategy. This helps them become better at the cash games game as they have already learned many strategies but playing practice games.

Cash rummy games

The cash games are mostly preferred by the players who are experienced and have enough skills to win.

A level higher 

After one practice for a significant duration and acquire the necessary skills, and teste his rummy strategies, he can move to a level higher and start playing cash rummy games. 

High stakes

Due to the big cash rewards involved in cash rummy games, the stakes are also really-high. This means big wins and significant losses as well. Hence, only experienced players having enough practice take up cash rummy.

Serious Gamer 

Due to high competition, the players need to play the cash games seriously, or else they end up losing their cash.

No room for mistakes 

Cash games are never the place to try and test out new strategies. Even a small mistake can make a considerable loss, and hence one needs to stay prepared.


There are some ways where practice games are plus against cash games. It is also impossible to stick only to practice games; one needs to move to cash games or stay in between to get thrills and fun. The ideal path to start gaming is casually starting with practice games and moving to cash games.