There was a time when requiring greater accuracy in positioning, acceleration and for velocity Servo motor [เซอร์ โว มอเตอร์, which is the term in Thai] was used. But now things have changed a lot. and, with each passing day, there is something new that comes in the market. Which just overtakes the old but gold products. And, the same thing has happened with the servo motor. Now, the competition is tough in the market and a lot of new servo motors have come into the market. And, these servo motors have a more advanced function in it than the regular servo motors.

Many cutting tools have started using these new servo motors in their machine. So, the machine can get more accuracy and provide better positioning. Which is always required to get the complex shape. And, such complex cuttings are now can be done with the help of these new servo motors.

Features of new advanced servo motors

Many advanced features are present in the new servo motors that the old one doesn’t have. Like

  • It has a 26-bit battery for less absolute position encoder.
  • Comes with an electromagnetic brake.
  • Powers are equipped with a one-touch lock.
  • Can be compatible with CC-Link IE TSN.
  • It has 4 motor series which can perform a variety of applications.
  • Best suitable for the application which requires less speed and high torque.
  • Have a speed frequency response up to 3.5 kHz to reduce the cycle time of the production line.
  • Able to provide better control by lowering the torque fluctuations.

Where can someone buy these products?

These products are mainly made by big companies which have a good name in the field. So, if someone does the google search then they can easily get these products. But one thing to keep in mind some of the fake companies is also present in the market. Their product is cheap but not going to work. So, don’t get scammed or fooled by them.