A transition study’s main purpose is to make sure that all key aspects of the property are accounted for before the rights and control are moved from the developer to the community association. It covers interior and exterior structures, as well as all the building systems. Getting a New Jersey transition study is critical in ensuring that everything is as it should be before the association takes over the property.

Undervaluing the importance of conducting a transition study is one of the biggest mistakes that the board can make. Getting an inspection before the final negotiations between the developers and the management company makes certain that the parties have sufficient information before proceeding.

Primarily, the transition study checks that the constructed property follows the plans and is made with quality workmanship and materials. The management company is generally not aware of how to observe these red flags by themselves. So, they need the eyes and expertise of professional engineers to make that assessment for them.

Secondly, an inspection prior to moving into the property avoids extra expense on the part of the board. For example, it can reveal defects that need immediate repairs. If these are discovered earlier, the parties can agree that repair costs relating to these deficiencies should be shouldered by the developers.

Lastly, a transition study secures the safety of the building for occupation. The assessment will disclose structural or other elements that can pose a danger to the occupants. Additionally, it verifies that the property adheres to all the fire and safety regulations and inhabitants have safety measures in case of emergencies.

Because of its importance, a transition study New Jersey should be requested in time and with the right transition study provider.  Choosing the right service provider assures that inspection mistakes are avoided.

Learn more about the common mistakes to avoid in a transition study in an infographic by Lockatong Engineering
Mistakes to Avoid in your Transition Study