To be memorable in any social setting is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, most people want attention and admiration and there’s really nothing wrong with it. Unless you don’t act up strangely in order to draw attention or fail to stick to your ethics and dignity, it is indeed a great feeling to be admired. But how would you do that? In this article, Matthew Davies looks at ways to be memorable in social settings.

The Ways

Here are a few ways to be memorable in any social setting:

  1. Be Confident and Polite- Being confident is the secret behind every story of success. Whenever you’re in a social setting, no matter what the context is, never fail to demonstrate your self-confidence. Whenever you meet people, be the first one to say hello. Always introduce yourself to others without hesitating and be the first one to start a conversation. 

However, being confident and being arrogant are two entirely different things. That’s why you should be careful about what you’re saying, and more importantly, how you are talking to the other person. If people find your gestures to be rude, it is extremely hard to earn admiration from them. Respect is a two-way deal; you get it only when you can give it.

  1. Reply with Uncommon Answers to Common Questions- People would be interested in your words only when they find them intriguing. Not every conversation consists of a battle of wit and humor, to present yourself as someone witty, you need to step out of the box. Try to answer common questions with uncommon answers with the help of wit and humor. Always remember that people usually never fail to notice the humorous side of others.

  1. Be a Good Listener and Try to Remember What You Listen- Earning admiration and attention is not only about how you express yourself but it’s equally about how you listen and remember things. People will only pay you attention when they know that you’re equally interested in their lives, their stories, and in them. By listening to people more carefully and focusing on the details of the conversations, you can surely become “the guy” who remembers minute details and never loses interest in listening. By demonstrating a real interest in people and their words, you can stand apart from the others in different social settings.

  1. Dress for Success- We don’t really know whether the first impression is the final impression or not, but there’s one thing for sure- appearance does matter. People will not notice you unless you make them do so. To draw their attention, you have to demonstrate the degree of your elegance through how you dress. 

Don’t get it wrong- to look different you don’t have to put on a clownish red and blue jumper ( that’ll do more damage to your image than good), nor you need to dress in some extravagant clothes of expensive brands. People tend to remember a person of elegance, and often it is your appearance that speaks for you.


Matthew Davies suggests you understand that being memorable is not about being better than the rest, it’s about how you look and act amidst the others. Try to stay humble and polite, and never be afraid to be yourself.