This is what the Frenchie Store is for. They will provide the right accessories, costumes, and other usable for your miniature dog. Moreover, if you compare these dogs to others, they don’t shed fur much. They do so, twice a year. That also only the undercoat. You can groom them very well and easily. All that you have to do, is buy some special combs and brushes. Brush the in spring and fall. That is, it. Moreover, you can also visit this store and buy some clothing. They will stop the fur or coat from being discovered in all the areas of your house.

Trimming Nails

That is also an important part of the job. Moreover, there are special dog nail clippers. You can buy it here. They are specially designed to nip the nails, without hurting the roots. They are a bit low on energy. So, most other breeds will file their nails naturally on concrete or the floor. However, your Frenchie dog will not do that. So, you have to perform this additional task for it. Long nails are painful for this dog, and you need to remember that.

Moreover, that is not all. There are many other facts that you must do. You have to clean their ears, brush their teeth, and so on. That is quite some task. Moreover, most doggies need these. You can’t escape this. Furthermore, you have to keep the muzzle area and the surrounding area clean. There are folds, where a lot of dirt and grime may get trapped. In the long run, it may lead to infections. Thus, this is an additional task. There might be bacterial infections, if you are not careful. So, make this a habit.

Exercise And Stuff

They also need some exercise. Every dog needs it. Moreover, you should not fret about leashes. The site has plenty of them. Moreover, there are harness types and collar types as well. You can take them for short walks. They are bit sluggish and get tired very easily. So, you may not have to struggle much on that front. Moreover, you should make them exercise under cooler weather conditions. If they get heated up too quickly, they might have a heat stroke. They are a bit frail on that front. The French Bulldog can also make use of the cooling bandanas, available on Frenchiestore. That should be of some help. Try it once and see!