Amazon FBA product sourcing involves discovering or developing items for sale on the Amazon platform. This can be approached in several ways.

Established business owners often collaborate directly with manufacturers for product creation, whereas beginners might opt for retail arbitrage as a starting point.

Irrespective of the sourcing method, conducting thorough market and competitor research is crucial to gauge the potential within your chosen product category.

Selecting the appropriate supplier holds significant importance, as it directly impacts your profit margins and the enduring growth of your brand.

Evaluating product sourcing for Amazon business necessitates consideration of various factors to ensure a successful partnership.

Let us discuss a few effective methods of sourcing products for your Amazon business.

  1. Wholesaling

You are said to be wholesaling when you do product sourcing for Amazon business from wholesalers. You buy in bulk and then sell the goods on Amazon to get the best prices.

  • Pros: Easy to start, cultivate relationships over time, sell goods from well-known brands with historical sales data.
  • Cons: Finding a successful business takes time. You must seek out and develop those partnerships.
  • Retail arbitrage

Finding goods elsewhere and sending them to Amazon for resale is known as retail arbitrage. It would be best if you often scoured the clearance section for good offers to make money.

  • Pros: Inexpensive to start, low risk
  • Cons: Time-consuming and less scalable than a private label (you must train staff to find products on your behalf rather than just increasing inventory to scale).
  • Drop-shipping

When you source things for Amazon utilizing drop-shipping, you list them from a provider and only pay for them when they sell.

  • Pros: Low-risk, affordable start-up costs
  • Cons: Short-term business style prevents you from creating a brand and a sellable asset.
  • Handmade products

Even though selling handcrafted goods on Amazon is not simple, Amazon is pushing more business owners to do so.

This might be a useful source tactic if you, your friends, or your family members are creative.

  • Pros: You can establish a brand and take advantage of a more recent feature of the Amazon marketplace.
  • Cons: Time-consuming, challenging to turn a profit, and difficult to scale.
  • Distributors

Distributors serve as intermediaries that acquire substantial quantities of products directly from brands and resell them for a margin.

While the product costs might not reach the rock-bottom levels achievable through direct manufacturer sourcing, distributors offer the advantage of providing access to reputable branded items in quantities that align with your budget.

  • Manufacturers

For major retail enterprises, manufacturers stand as the preferred Amazon suppliers because they provide significant bulk discounts and assurance of product quality.

However, manufacturers commonly enforce substantial minimum order values, rendering them less accessible to smaller businesses.

  • Closeout companies

Closeout companies function as suppliers that acquire residual inventory from manufacturers and distributors at substantial markdowns.

This stock, which these manufacturers and distributors seek to clear out, is then resold to sellers for profit by the closeout companies.

Typically, closeout companies can provide products at highly favourable prices due to their ability to secure the items at exceptionally low costs in exchange for swiftly absorbing the inventory.

However, while product sourcing for Amazon business, closeout companies usually offer a limited selection of products as their stock primarily consists of leftover items from prior unsold batches.


Regardless of your experience in selling, whether you are well-versed or a novice, pursuing knowledge about product sourcing for Amazon business should remain ongoing.

The reality is that, despite employing effective marketing strategies, a superior product is essential for achieving success on the Amazon platform.

Without it, you risk accumulating unfavourable reviews and experience a significant drop in sales.