Playing card games is a great way to socialize and bond with people. Now with the advent of online gaming, card games have found their way to us in the form of phone applications. One of the most famous online card games is rummy. If you are not sure about how to play rummy online, don’t fret! The game is pretty simple and easy. But if you do, it’s so much better! You can play rummy in your free time, or as a break from work! But one of the most exciting and innovative things to do would be to play rummy with your date! Yes! Dates do not have to be traditional movie and restaurant kind! Now you can impress your date by proposing to some time playing rummy online together.

How playing online rummy can help you impress your date

  • Overcome your initial social awkwardness

No matter how hard you try, there’s always going to be some social awkwardness when you meet your date. You don’t know what to talk about, the small talk gets all the weirder by the minute and the silence is oh-so-unsettling. To overcome all of this, you can just ask your date if they would like to join you for a fun activity online. Once you start playing rummy, you have something fun and interesting to chat about, until the awkwardness and formality wears off.

  • Bond over your love for rummy

It might so happen that both you and your date know how to play rummy online. Maybe both of you share an enthusiasm and love for this engaging card game. If that’s the case, there can be no better scenario, than deciding to play a few games of rummy online. You can talk about your favorite kinds of rummy or the different strategies that you like to use and so on. There’s nothing better than bonding over a shared love for a similar activity.

  • Teach each other different tricks and strategies

Once you start playing rummy, you can also notice how each of you approach the game. It might so happen that each of you might have a different trick up your sleeves which the other has never used. By teaching and discussing different tricks and tips, you can impress your date easily. Rummy is all about mental agility, calculations, analyses, and intelligence to keep the odds in your favor. These are some great qualities which are sure to impress your date.

  • Win some cash together

If you want to take the excitement a little further, you can opt to play some cash rummy games online. It’s a great chance to win some rewards and cash prizes. If you win some money, you can spend it together and make your date even more special.


The idea of dates is no longer limited to the traditional movie and dinners! Now you can spend some time on a fun activity like playing rummy together. Get the chance to impress your date on the very first day!

The RummyPassion app is a great start to play some rummy online with your date. Download it today.