Zoo Closes For A Snow Day And The Animals Celebrate!

Kids in school love a good snow day, we all know that. But it’s not just kids, it seems animals in zoos also love snow days!

The day after a snowstorm in Portland, a worker at Oregon Zoo came in to check on the animals and found something truly wonderful. All the animals were playing and frolicking about the snow, even the elephants!

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The Oregon Zoo was closed for a snow day.

YouTube | The Oregonian

A worker came in to check on the animals and found that they were more than just okay.

YouTube | The Oregonian

They were ecstatic! Even the elephants got in on the fun!

YouTube | The Oregonian

It seems there’s not a species on earth that doesn’t love a good snow day!

Polar bear Nora, Samudra the Asian elephant, harbor seals and sea otters romp around in the snow at the Oregon Zoo in Portland on Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2017. The zoo was closed after a winter storm dropped more than a foot of snow on the region.