Woman Starts Coat Exchange To Help The Homeless During A Bitter Winter

Whenever I’m battling through a freezing cold commute, rugged up in 3 or 4 layers of clothing, I often think of the homeless. If I’m cold and wet and sniffling, how are they battling the brutal winter months? Fay Sibley had a similar thought. 

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The young woman from Colchester, Essex, England, noticed that there was an increasing amount of homeless people who spent their time around the perimeter of Colchester Library.

But instead of simply going on with her day Fay, who works as a paramedic, decided to make a small gesture that made a huge impact .


Outside the library doors, Fay posted a simple sign that read:

“Need a coat? Take one. Want to help? Leave one.”



To Fay’s surprise and delight, the idea really took off! The coat exchange saw more than 40 coats come and go, but the story doesn’t end there.



After Fay posted pictures of the coat rack on Facebook, the idea went global.

People from all over the world contacted her with their plans to replicate her coat exchange in their local area.


A couple who were living in a tent sought Fay out to tell her that her idea had really made a huge difference to them.

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