Woman Sees A Dog Get Thrown From A Car And Quickly Decides To Help

When Lisa Gabrielle, 23, spotted a dalmatian literally being thrown out of a car, she couldn’t just continue on her way. She knew she had to help.


The incident occurred in Boca Raton, Florida, earlier this month. Gabrielle was driving along behind a black SUV, which suddenly started to slow down for no obvious reason.

Gabrielle was then shocked to see a dalmatian being forcefully pushed out of the SUV’s passenger window. The dog, clearly malnourished, fell to the ground but quickly got up and tried to chase after its owner’s car.

The SUV drove away but Gabrielle wasn’t going to do the same.

“My heart just broke. I started crying,” she said. “I didn’t know what to do.”

She got out of her car and ran over to the dog, picking him up and taking him back home with her. Gabrielle then named him Buster and spent the whole evening trying to cheer up her new furry friend.

The following morning, she and Buster went along to a local animal rescue center in order to get the dalmatian checked out. The rescue workers revealed that Buster was quite severely underweight and decided to take him in and get him back on his feet.

“I can’t imagine who in their right mind or who would even ever think of such a horrific act to take a dog and throw the dog out of the car,” explained Suzi Goldsmith, CEO of the rescue center.

Buster is now living at the center and eating well. He should make a full recovery and the rescue workers will then do their best to help him find a new forever home. We’re glad that Gabrielle was around to save Buster, and let’s all hope he finds a much kinder owner for the rest of his life. Be sure to SHARE this article to raise awareness about animal cruelty and remind everyone that adopting a dog is a big responsibility.