Diamond has never been able to see her true beauty, because she can't get her mind off her mysterious beard. Finally, she's gotten some answers.

Woman Appears On Live TV To Confront Her Enemy: Her Beard

Since she was a teenager, Diamond has been faced with the issue of waking up every morning with a beard.

“I first noticed the facial hair grow in when I was 15. I would shave once a week.”

As the years go on, the problem only appears to get worse, “Three years ago, it started to get really bad. I had to start shaving every day.”

“I tried hair removal creams, waxing, but every day it comes back. It takes me about 3 hours to get ready. I shave my beard, I pluck my sideburns, and start to do my makeup, trying to get the perfect coverage.” 

She tried to conceal it with makeup, but it could never quite get the job done, and Diamond has had many horrible experiences of humiliation and bullying because of her mysterious hair growth. She’s been made to feel like an outcast on so many occasions that she’s had to leave several jobs because of the way she was treated.

“The real me is a freak and I just want to stay home. I feel like my excessive hair is stopping me from being the person that I truly am”

She’s never quite known what the true cause of the beard is, but recently, she appeared on live TV to get some answers. She was connected with a specialist, who ran a number of tests to figure out the root of the issue.

The specialist was able to determine the cause, and Diamond was diagnosed with Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). This is a condition that many, many adult women suffer from, and Diamond was happy to finally get some answers.

Now, she’s able to undergo proper treatment, and can find confidence in knowing that she’s not alone, and she knows exactly what’s been causing the affliction that has haunted her since she was just 15.