Woman Pregnant With Quadruplets Is Diagnosed With Cancer

Kayla Gaytan, a mom of two kids, beat her cancer once and resumed her life. However, she was diagnosed with cancer a second time, but this time she found that she had four other lives growing inside of her.

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Gaytan was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a disease that chipped away at her immunity. After five months of chemotherapy she could finally resume her life, having gone into remission.

The mother and her doctors were equally happy, but this moment of happiness didn’t last long.

Instagram / Kayla Gaytan

Because of all the Chemotherapy, both Kayla and her husband, Charles, were told that her chances of getting pregnant again was negligible.

They were still happy to have beat cancer. But fate had something else in store for them.

Instagram / Kayla Gaytan

During one of her checkups, her doctor revealed that she was pregnant yet again, and this time she was expecting quadruplets.

However, the happy news was undercut by the fact that her cancer had resurfaced.

Instagram / Kayla Gaytan

Doctors suggested that they schedule the birth at 30 weeks, because carrying the pregnancy full term was too risky.

The pregnancy went ahead without a hitch and the quadruplets were welcomed into the world by a pair of loving parents and two older siblings.


Kayla is positive that she can beat the cancer yet again. She has faith in her greatest source of inspiration.

“I have six kids, and I have my husband, and they’re really what’s pushing me forward. I wanna show them how strong their mom can be.”

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