Woman Gets Tattoo In Solidarity With Rescue Dog!

Vanessa Marie Rose and Toby are a match made in heaven. Vanessa is a digital strategist, and Toby is her rescue dog.

However, when Vanessa first met Toby, she was shocked to find that he had been tattooed on the inside of his ears. Toby had had a rough childhood before he was taken in by a shelter called Snookie’s Society.

The shelter helped Vanessa and Toby find a home and love in each other. Their lives have been so much better since they met each other.

Vanessa wanted to express her love and solidarity with the adorable rescue dog for all the hardships he had been through.

The moment she saw the tattoo on the inside of his ears, she knew what she wanted to do.

Twitter / Vanessa Marie Rose

The rescue dog had been branded with the tattoo as a kind of serial number.

In solidarity she got his number “05” inked in her own ears.

Twitter / Vanessa Marie Rose

Snookie’s Society had rescued Toby from a shelter in Ohio where he was soon to be put down.

They cared after the rescue dog until Vanessa came along to adopt him.

Vanessa said, “I just had to have him.”

Twitter / Vanessa Marie Rose

Vanessa brought him to her home, where she already had a pet cat Tyler.

Before the Ohio kill shelter, where Toby’s life had been threatened, he had been used as a breeding dog in a puppy mill. The number “05” had been tattooed as a serial number to identify him.

Twitter / Vanessa Marie Rose

Because the rescue dog spent most of his life caged up, he had severe growth and back problems. Toby also suffered from severe anxiety issues.

Twitter / Vanessa Marie Rose

This anxiety issue was worsened because he changed hands and homes between cruel owners so often.

Vanessa has had a history of dealing with mental health issues as well, so she is uniquely placed to understand his needs.

Twitter / Vanessa Marie Rose

She got the tattoo about six months after adopting Toby.

She posted on Twitter, “Today I marked myself so I could be with my dog forever.”

There can be no greater evidence of love and camaraderie between this woman and her rescue dog!

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