Woman Gets Jilted By Her Fiancé Before The Wedding, So She Gives The Ceremony Away

Jennifer Howard was looking forward to her dream wedding. She’d been engaged to her partner for six months, but then he decided to end the relationship. Sadly, the wedding was all paid-for and prepared, so Jennifer decided to give it away! 


The couple were set to get married on the 13th of December, 2014. They’d planned and prepared every aspect of their ceremony, and the bride-to-be, Jennifer, couldn’t wait for the special day to arrive.

Unfortunately, shortly before the wedding, Jennifer’s fiancé decided to end their relationship.

Jennifer was distraught, but she tried to stay optimistic. She said that their relationship clearly wasn’t meant to be and decided to do something really special. Since she had already paid for the dress, venue and ceremony, she decided to offer it all to someone on Facebook.

“I am giving away a wedding,” she wrote. “It’s already paid for and non-refundable. I would hate to see it just go to waste. It is going to be beautiful and amazing.”

As soon as she posted the message, Jennifer’s inbox was bombarded with messages from family, friends and random couples.

“If I am not getting the wedding I wanted, then I can give it to somebody else. Let them enjoy the special day,” she says.

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