Woman Finds Something Shocking Inside An Egg

An egg is perhaps the most common breakfast staple for most people. It’s delicious, packed full of protein, and can be prepared in so many different ways.


However, Sally Thompson from Cumbra, U.K. had a particularly nasty experience biting into an egg. Once you read about this, you’ll probably never want to eat another egg again. So proceed with caution.

In the video below you’ll see what happens when Sally tries eating her egg.

She prepared a hard-boiled egg for herself, and then something amazing happened.

To quote her, “I took one, peeled it, and bit into it, when I feel something like gristle in my mouth. It fell onto the plate, and I couldn’t understand where it had come from ― I thought it had come from me.”

Apparently, the egg was hiding a piece of diamond!

“I couldn’t understand where it had come from. The only place could have been from the egg.”

No one can understand how a diamond could possibly find its way into an egg.

Some people suggest that maybe the chicken ate the diamond and it ended up in the egg. However, this theory doesn’t have much weight to it.

Regardless of how the diamond got in there, Sally is one lucky lady!

So, does this deter you from eggs, or does it only encourage you instead?

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