Why You Need To Stop Wearing Shoes Around The House

It’s quite common for a lot of people to keep their shoes on around the house. Whether they’re lounging about the couch, or going about some household chores.

But you have no idea just how filthy your shoes can be!

The soles of your shoes are basically a bedrock of all kinds of toxins, filth, etc.

However, all those bacteria and germs can be kept at bay if we just take off our shoes before entering our home! If this doesn’t convince you to stop wearing shoes around the house, the following nine reasons surely will.

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1. Your feet needs its freedom!

Flickr / Lola Smith (brightened from original)

According to studies, the feet of people from cultures used to being barefoot are a lot healthier. The reason is simple, your feet also needs to breathe and be free!

2. Your shoes are a home to Bacteria

Flickr / Christian Lundh

Bacteria such as E. coli thrive in your shoes. Wearing a new pair for just one week would result in the spread of around 440,000 units of bacteria.

3. Your shoes can also absorb Cancer inducing toxins

Flickr / Mr Thinktank

Flickr / Mr Thinktank

Cancerous toxins can be absorbed from lawns and brought into the house. Even the chemicals present in Asphalt are generally harmful.

4. You’re bringing Fecal matter to your home



Fecal matter exists in the form of bird and dog poop, but also in all the mud and dust you step on! These can very easily be tracked into your home.

5. Your home is infested with dirt

Flickr / Estevam Romera (brightened from original)

If you have kids or pets then this should be of concern to you. Shoes bring a lot of dirt that can get into the crevices of your walls, floor, etc. Since pets or little kids tend to eat things they come across, this can be harmful.

6. They make a lot of noise

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The noise of the tapping of your shoes reverberates down the floor and can be heard in the room just below yours. If you’re living in an apartment complex, this can be seriously annoying for your neighbors.

7. They damage the floors

Flickr / Deerbourne (brightened from original)

Flickr / Deerbourne (brightened from original)

Using heels or dirty sneakers around the house causes your floor to lose shape pretty quickly. As a result you’ll be paying for repairs more often than you need to.

8. You run the risk of tripping over them

Flickr / The KarenD (brightened from original)

Flickr / The KarenD (brightened from original)

Very often, when shoes are simply left lying around the house, family members may trip on them. This is because they just lie around the floor, out of sight. This can also potentially cause serious medical injuries.

9. They make relaxation difficult

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Taking off your shoes helps your body and mind relax. As long as you have it on, you are in work mode.

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