When a Woman Who Was "Too Fat" to Wear Seatbelt Was Given a Traffic Ticket She Used It to Change Her Life

When Janette Colantonio got pulled over by the police, she had little doubt over the reason why. She wasn’t wearing her seatbelt and if she was honest, she had been lucky up until this point, because she hadn’t worn it for months!


At 408 pounds, Colantonio could no longer fit behind her seatbelt and as she slowed her car, she realized she had simply been in denial.

She remembered thinking to herself that her seatbelt didn’t fit because she was too fat and that at 30 years old, it was time to take control of her life. Colantonio knew she needed to make some big changes. She had put on hundreds of pounds eating multiple times a day and sometimes even had two dinners.

The traffic ticket she received would become the catalyst to completely change her life.

She began to swap the unhealthy choices she had grown accustomed to, with nutritious alternatives and added exercise to her daily routine. She started simply and partnered up with her husband around her weight loss goals.

Her new rule was no carbs after 2pm, breakfast often consisted of oatmeal, a boiled egg and fruit and she would walk for thirty minutes on the treadmill.

Two years after the faithful day she received a ticket for being unable to wear her seatbelt, Colantonio had lost 250 pounds and looked like a whole new person!

Colantonio explains that one of the biggest changes is that people no longer just say that she has a beautiful face but tell her that she is beautiful full stop.

And for someone who has undergone a phenomenal transformation like Colantonio, that means a lot!

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