When a Heartbroken and Struggling Mom of Five Loses Both Her Husband and Her Job, Her 19 Year Old Son Steps Up

The holiday season can sometimes leave you more aware of what you don’t have than what you do.

If you are feeling a little less than joyful following the festivities, here is a story that can help to reconnect you to what’s important.


Hopefully, you will be re-infused with gratitude and inspired to perform an act of kindness for a complete stranger or someone you love!

Laurie Frinnie has five children. She had recently lost her job and her husband just 24 months before that to brain cancer. One of the main sources of the family’s income came from Laurie’s 19-year-old son, Austin, a US army infantry solider, stationed in Georgia, who had taken over from his father and was sending home every paycheck.

Heartbroken and struggling, all Laurie wanted was to have her son Austin home for Christmas. Unable to afford the flight, however, Laurie who considered selling all of her valuables, set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for the ticket.

Jennifer Richardson saw the post and decided to help.

Watch the video below to find out what happened next … the story is sure to touch your heart.

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