Wheelchair Ridden Homeless Man Becomes Stunning Vocalist After Performer Hands Him Microphone On the Street

As a regular and well-known street performer, Johnny Walker had been bumping into the wheelchair ridden stranger for years. What Walker didn’t know was underneath all the bundled layers, the homeless man was hiding a stunning voice. 

As a Liverpool native, Walker was well aware of the bustling businesses, busy restaurants, and booming crowds that make up his beautiful city; minus one person, that is.

The 35-year-old performer never officially met Bernard, a wheelchair bound homeless man living on the same cobble stone streets. Everything changed the day Walker asked him if he’d like to sing in a performance.

Taking the microphone in his hand, Bernard prepared to belt out the famous tune, “Summertime.” As soon as he opened his mouth, the rest was history. Bystanders and passersby immediately erupted in cheer at Bernard’s gorgeous and stunning rendition.

“I was blown away by his voice and the passion of his delivery, and I asked someone standing nearby to film the encounter on my phone,” Walker said.

Back in his element, Bernard moved to the beat, perfectly hitting every note and matching each lyric.

It was truly an amazing and incredible experience, one both performers will remember for years to come.

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