What It We Treated Physical Illness The Way We Treat Mental Illness? This Powerful Comic Addresses This Issue.

There is no denying the stigma that surrounds mental illness in today’s society. If you are the one out of four people who suffer from a mental health issue, you’ll likely have experienced some form of prejudice during your illness. 

Comic artist Robut Hugs has succeeded in perfectly showcasing the difference in attitudes when dealing with mental illness versus physical illness.

There’s is a definite lack of understanding surrounding mental illness that can often lead to a lack of empathy towards those who are suffering.

There is often a real stigma involved with treating mental health issues, such as medication or councelling. However, the treatment of physical ailments, such as getting a filling in a tooth or dosing up with cold and flu tablets during Winter are never questioned. Here lies the dangerious difference.

This cartoon clearly explains that mental health issues are as equally out of the control of the affected, just like physical illness. It points out the misconceptions of mental diseases, and that one can’t simply just “get over it” their anxiety or start to “think positively” to defuse their depression.

It is a much more serious issue that that, and hopefully this insightful comic can help bring some understanding to a very serious subject.


via Robot-Hugs

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