Volunteer Sits For Hours In The Dark Until Giant Stray Dog Starts To Trust Her

When rescuers spotted Arnie outside a gas station in Athens, Greece, it was obvious that while the pup was large in size, he was lacking in confidence and trust. 

Once a volunteer spotted the large, fluffy animal, she took a picture of the stray and vowed to come back and find him.

24 hours later the volunteer was able to track down the stray pup again after joining forces with The Orphan Pet’s. The volunteer group was also keen to find the dog who looked to have a skin condition from living on the streets.

It was a brutally cold night when they eventually found Arnie. He was at the same gas station, walking around aimlessly all by himself. When the group tried to approach the dog, their initial attempts didn’t go to plan.

Arnie was hesitant and standoffish and he didn’t seem to be used to human contact.

However, when the woman who had initially sited Arnie asked for some time alone with him, a sweet bond started to develop.

Sitting in the cold, dark outskirts of the gas station for about an hour, she fed him tiny morsels of food drawing him closer to her. Not making eye contact, the small act of kindness eventually gained his trust.

Once Arnie left the gas station with his rescuer, he began his new life.

Arnie is now a super affectionate, friendly dog who loves people.

From the loving displays of kisses and cuddles captured in the below video, you would never have known that Arnie was once terrified of humans.

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