Video Captures Adorable Dog Riding And Posing On A Bike


We all know the internet is full of adorable dog and animal videos. We see them do all kinds of strange and wonderful things.

But to see a dog posing while riding a motorcycle? Nothing gets better than that!

This video was shot in Bangkok by a woman who was driving down a busy road when she saw the most amazing thing! She found a guy riding a bike. But it was his passenger who really stole the show!

His passenger was an adorable dog riding comfortably on the back, his paws casually kept on his shoulders!

It’s the most amazing thing you can hope to see!

The dog is well strapped onto the driver though, and he even has a little face guard on.

The woman continues recording and then even her own dog pops his head out to behold the amazing sight!

The passenger dog even turns around and looks directly at the camera.

And then he holds the pose, as if he were totally aware of his own awesomeness!

Soon the driver of the bike waves briefly at her and then speeds in the other direction.

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Source: Picture Me Rollin by ViralHog on Rumble