Using A One-Stroke Technique, This Japanese Art Studio Creates Beautiful Dragon Paintings

You would assume that stunning pieces of artwork take thousands of strokes and just as many hours to create. This particular studio is curbing that assumption. 


At the Kousyuuya studio in Nikkô, Japan, artwork is produced at an incredibly fast pace, but that doesn’t mean that the resulting work is any less spectacular.

An artist will spend roughly 15 minutes painting each stunningly detailed piece of art while their customers look on. The secret to their success is an incredible technique called “hitofude ryuu,” which translates to “dragon with one stroke.” The process itself is just as magical as the finished product.

Once the dragon’s head has been carefully drawn, the artist uses one large brush in a single sweeping motion to create the dragon’s body.

They make it look so easy, but it takes years to master the technique.

This studio only creates dragon art because in Japanese culture, dragons are highly respected guardian angels who bring good luck and ward off evil.

It is absolutely mesmerizing to watch, no wonder their customers always stay to watch their artwork being created.

If you head to Japan, make sure you add this studio to the itinerary.