Unloved Dog Is Scheduled For Euthanasia, But Gets Saved At The Last Minute

It’s a sad fact that so many animals are abandoned each and every day. Some of them are taken to nice shelters and eventually find new families, but many others aren’t so lucky.


The truth is that many places are forced to become “high-kill” shelters because they just don’t have the resources and space to look after all the animals that arrive at their doors. If dogs and cats aren’t claimed or adopted by new owners within a certain amount of time, they often get put down.

It’s tragic, but many shelters just don’t have enough support to keep every animal alive.

Dakota, a Shih Tzu mix, wound up in one of these shelters. She had been abandoned and was found with matted, dirty fur. Naturally, as she was in such a bad state, there wasn’t much chance of her being rescued, and she was soon scheduled for euthanasia.

Fortunately, the kind folks at Forever Fido Rescue heard about Dakota and decided to save her. They turned up at the shelter just in time and adopted the little dog.

After a good shave and a few cuddles, Dakota looks totally different. You can check out her wonderful transformation in the video below. We’re glad to see that her story had a happy ending, and if you agree, be sure to SHARE this story with your friends on Facebook.