Twins Create A Winter Wonderland From A Beanbag!


Twins can be the greatest gift on earth. They are really adorable together, and they can keep each other company, growing up. However, twins can also be twice the trouble.

In the video posted below, you’ll see a video of a pair of twins ripping apart a beanbag to create a winter wonderland for themselves. This is impressively done in a short few moments in which their mother is away.

When the mother returns she is stunned to see them playing amidst the snow-like pellets.

She then realizes that they ripped apart the beanbag to create a wintery landscape for themselves!

She is dazed and confused about how the twins could have accomplished such a feat in so little time!

She asks, “How on earth am I going to clean this up?!”

“No, it’s just snow,” one of the twins answers reassuringly.

“No, it’s the beanbag,” she tells them, observing the snowy mess around her.

Hopefully she was as impressed with the twins’ skills as we were!.

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