Trump Elects Walter White As Head Of DEA In This Hilarious SNL Sketch

President-elect Donald Trump is raising a lot of eyebrows with his newest cabinet choices. And who better to call him out for these choices than Saturday Night Live

Recently, it was announced that Myron Ebell was a real candidate for the head position of the Environmental Protection Agency, even though Ebell is a climate change critic. Other alarming picks include Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon with no bureaucratic experience, and Sarah Palin.

Critics, and satires like this Saturday Night Live piece, are slamming Trump for hiring the type of “swamp workers” he promised to remove from government.

To poke fun at the candidate choices, the skit announces Trump’s latest appointment; Walter White from Breaking Bad as the head of the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency.

This epic skit gave Bryan Cranston the chance to reprise his legendary role as science teacher turned narcissistic meth cook.

When the ‘CNN journalist’ interviews Walter White on his new position, the one-liners are seriously on point.

“I like his style. He acts first then asks questions later.” Walter White comments on the new president-elect.

“I also like that wall he wants to build… nothing comes in from Mexico, meaning a lot less competition for the rest of us.” White comments, with an obvious nod to illicit drugs.

The kicker comes with White’s final comment about this alliance with Trump.

“We want to fill this nation with red, white and a whole lot of blue.” White says, a reference to the color of White’s high quality meth.

The hilarious sketch aims at demonstrating how Trump’s cabinet seem to morally contradict the agencies they are employed to represent. We think SNL has nailed it, once again.