Touching Reunion Video Of Young Boy And His Marine Brother

A good reunion video is always incredibly heartwarming. A reunion video has a way of immortalizing a precious moment, of capturing raw human emotions at their most vulnerable.

In the reunion video below, you’ll see a dad recording his young son.

The young boy is seen standing in a narrow hallway with nothing but a door behind him.

When he asks his dad why he is being recorded, the dad says: “There’s a little surprise.”

Confused, the young boy asks his dad whether they’re still going to the movies.

“Are we?” the dad replies.

But then a voice from behind the young boy says, “The problem is, you said you were supposed to go to the movies with me!”

A young man steps into the room from the white door. When the young boy sees him he immediately bursts into tears!

The young man is his older brother and he has just returned after six months as an active Marine!

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