Toddler's Parents Get 14,000 Signatures Fighting Court Order To Pull The Plug, Then, A Miracle

Keeping Marwa on life support, the parents hoped and prayed for a miracle after doctors explained the little girl might never wake up from the medically induced coma. Flat out refusing to pull the plug, Marwa’s father stood firm in his hope for the future … just in time to see his daughter open her eyes.

After developing a deadly virus, the little girl was determined to benefit from treatment in a comatose state. Doctors explained eliminating the body’s pressure to perform simple, daily functions gave Marwa a better chance at coming out alive. 

That prognosis took a turn for the worse after doctors changed their plea. The staff advised the girl’s parents she would most likely suffer severe developmental disabilities and have trouble breathing for the rest of her life. To make matters worse, the pediatricians weren’t even sure if she’d ever be able to walk independently or feed herself. 

Daily Mail

Then tragedy really struck. The hospital took Marwa’s parents to court, refusing the little girl be taken off life support. Devastated at the possible loss of their daughter, the couple created a formal petition against the court order. Nothing was more important than keeping Marwa alive. 

Thrilled to present 14,000 signatures in their favor, Marwa’s parents headed to the courthouse. While quite an impressive feat, the desperate couple was told it simply wasn’t enough. Resorting to their last possible option, the mom and dad filed a  two-month extension, promptly granted by the sympathetic judge.

Daily Mail

As it turned out, that was all the time Marwa needed. Eight weeks after her near death, the little girl awoke in her hospital bed. Slowly but surely, she’s making a promising recovery.

“When I speak to her, she hears my voice, she reacts, sometimes even smiles.” Marwa’s father explained. “… we see progress every day and that gives us a lot of hope.”

With the help and support of her loving parents, Marwa is expected to defy all the odds, living the normal life she was meant to have. 

Watch the entire inspirational story unfold in the footage below!