Tiny Dog Goes Shopping And Chooses A Toy Twice Her Size

We all love treating for our furry friends with new goodies and gifts, but this dog’s owners had the smart idea of letting her choose a toy of her own. 



Many dog owners know the frustration of bringing home a brand new toy for their pet pooch, only to see it ignored and tossed aside. It turns out that dogs can be pretty picky about what they like to play with, so this dog’s owners decided to bring her along and let her choose the one she wanted.

The dog’s name is Lucy and she lives with her family in Daytona Beach, Florida.

“Going shopping for a toy with Lucy is something we do quite often,” the owners revealed. “We always let her pick out the toy she wants… she actually will get up on the lower shelf (it’s one that she can reach easily) and she will sniff and search for what she thinks is the perfect toy!“

It turns out that Lucy has fine taste, and also likes to think big! In the video, we see her choose an enormous plushy toy that is way bigger than her! We’re not sure how exactly she plans on playing with this one, but we’re sure she’ll have plenty of fun.

She definitely looks really excited to have a new toy to play with and can’t wait for her owner to finish paying and let her at it!


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