Time-Lapse Video Of A Pet Boxer Growing Up


Dogs grow up so very fast, don’t they? One day they’re all small and helpless, and a few months later they’re large and fierce! Time-lapse videos are always a great means of tracking one’s growth.

This man did just that, capturing a time-lapse video of his boxer dog, through several months of his life until his first birthday!

At the end of the video, the dog had a lovely surprise waiting for him!

The video begins on November 2015 when Bently the boxer was just a cute little pup.

The video continues through several months of footage taken with the boxer and the owner at the porch steps.

Bently finally wanders into his home on the September of 2016 to find a surprise birthday party waiting for him!

Bently immediately pounces upon the cake and eats it up with his dog friends, and they later play with all the toys he is given as a gift!

Time-lapse videos are just the best means of preserving memories, and you can revisit them at every milestone of life!

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Source: Time lapse captures boxer puppy’s first birthday by lilbentlyblacklip on Rumble