This Riddle Is Doing The Digital Rounds, And It's Frustrating To Say The Least

When it comes to riddles, the most obvious answers are usually the hardest to crack. This head scratcher is no different. 

What’s worse than a viral riddle? The smug people who have figured it out, and won’t tell you the answer.

Here’s one that seems relatively straight forward, but will leave you feeling pretty clueless. Ready?

When is 99 more than 100?


There are a few ways to look at this one, but we’ll tell you right now that it has nothing to do with money.

While some clever kids realized that 99 Euros is usually worth more than 100 U.S. dollars, this is not the answer.

via Wikimedia Commons

Nope, leave the negative numbers out of this.

Yeah, yeah, -99 degrees is definitely warmer than -100 degrees, but you aren’t that far off if you’re thinking about heating.

via SHTF Blog Warner Bros

Is your brain getting tired? So is ours, so here is a clue.

99 is indeed greater than 100 when you use this appliance.

Still nothing? Okay, we’ll just let you out of your misery then…

via Simpsons Screenshots 20th Century Fox

Drum roll please…

You have won this brand new microwave! It doesn’t just nuke your leftover pizza in seconds, but with all it’s magical abilities, it can also make 99 larger than 100.

If you punch ‘100’ into the clock, you’ll heat up that soup in one minute flat.

However, if you key in 99, your soup will spin for one minute and 39 seconds.

Voila, riddle resolved.

via Betty Crocker

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