This Is How You Get A Star In The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

One of the greatest attractions of Los Angeles is the Walk of Fame. Many celebrities have their own star on the walk. However, when you go there you’ll find that many Hollywood icons don’t have their own stars. It seems quite arbitrary doesn’t it? Well, let’s explore the whole process of what goes into getting a Star!

1. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce decides who deserves to be on the Walk of Fame.

Daily Mail

2. 24 Celebrities get their own Star every year.

Harper’s Bazaar

3. Anyone can apply for a star at the Walk of Fame, you need to simply fill an application form and pay a small fee. However, only truly distinguished stars can get a, well, a Star!

Harper’s Bazaar

4.  During the application, you need to give a brief bio, sign a few forms, and a letter declaring that you’ll be available during the unveiling of your Star.

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5. The celebrities also have to pay a fee of $30,000 if they want to be inducted into the Walk of Fame.

Daily Mail

6. That might seem like a lot of money, but half of that is used to make the star, and the other half is the maintenance fee for the star, even after the passing of the celebrity in question.

Daily Mail

7. Perhaps this self-indulgent opulence is the reason many celebrities never even apply for a Star.


8. But sometimes fans get together to apply for their icons. For example, Liza Minelli’s fans organized huge bake sales to make sure she gets a star.

Daily Mail

9. The waiting period is two years, and you can apply for the star an infinite number of times.


10. Sometimes, a star can even choose where they would like their Star to be placed. However, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce always has the final say in the matter.

Huffington Post

11. When the celebrity is finally inducted and has to give a speech, they usually expect a crowd of 600 people. However, when mariachi singer Vincente Fernandez got his star over 4000 people showed up!

Liberty Voice

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