This Guy Loses At Christmas But Is Winning With His GF Who Likes His Terrible Present

While most people spend ample time thinking about the perfect present for their special someone, this guy put zero effort or thought into his gift and brag about it online. When his girlfriend had the perfect response, she won the Internet. 


This is Braxton Sislo, a 21-year-old guy from New Orleans who decided to boast on Twitter about the awful present he’d gotten for his girlfriend.

The thoughtless present? An empty box. An empty box that he was GIVEN to him from his boss at the cell phone store he works at.

I’m not sure if this guy is trying to get dumped, or what, but to put the icing on the Christmas cake, he decides to ruin his own terrible surprise early.

On December 14, he texted his missus a picture of the empty box with the below explanation:



If, like myself, you would have been less then impressed with the pathetic present, this girl puts us all to shame.

She responds with:



Braxton’s girlfriend is the nicest person on Earth, and he is seriously punching.

The Internet was quick to tell him so, too.



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