This Excited Dog Can't Wait To Be Reunited With His Human!


All dog owners know how lovely it is to come home to an excited dog.

We may be gone for an hour, a day, or a week, but we can count on returning home to an excited dog prepared to lavish us with its affection. Rambo, a large German Shepherd, understands that feeling of excitement well.

As soon as a he heard a distant sound outside his window, his ears perked up because he knew that meant his owner Anny Chow was coming back from her vacation.

The excited dog immediately leapt out of his spot and rushed towards the door because he couldn’t tolerate another second of being separated from his human!

This video will show you just how happy Rambo is to be reunited with his human friend. Anny is one lucky person to have such an excited dog in her life, ready to welcome her home.

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