This Beautiful Creature Will Shock You With Its Legs!

When you think about the beauty of nature, you probably don’t think of this strange creature.

You might imagine white horses galloping through misty fields, you might think of dolphins gloriously bouncing over the water as the sun dapples their skin.

You most definitely don’t think of this strange creature named after one of the most beautiful creatures on earth: the peacock.

The peacock has feathers that glow an iridescent shade and bear intricate multicolored markings. The feathers are unfurled gloriously when they seek to attract a mate.

However, this creature we speak of, the peacock spider, it shares some of the same traits as its namesake.

Colorful iridescent shades adorn the male’s backs, and they even have a similar mating call!

One doesn’t often think of beauty and cuteness when picturing spiders, but this one sure breaks that stereotype. It even dances to music!

But don’t let us tell you about it, watch it for yourself in the video below!

You’ll definitely want to hit the dance floor when you see this little creature shaking his arms in the air like he just don’t care!

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