These 16 Nature Photos Will Make You Want to Book Your Next Vacation Right Away

Photography is one of the most important parts of our society. After all, it is the capturing of moments available for anyone to see. Whether a photo was caught by accident or after hours of waiting, poised with a tripod and lights patient for the perfect shot, the resulting image will mean more than the work it took to get it. A photographer has the important duty of being aware, quick, and creative in order to capture the perfection of reality.

Regardless, the moment itself is only one part of the whole picture, so to speak. Light is perhaps one of the most important elements, as if not for the right lighting, a picture can turn from momentous to just another unclear blotch of what could have been.

The following photographers managed to hit the light at just the right time. You have to admire the skill and eye that went into these shots.


1. This diver is floating above an underwater meadow in the clear waters of Sameranger Lake in Austria.

via reddit / qwjk


2. Central Park is beautiful, but the view above it is absolutely stunning.

via reddit / ToxiKatie


3. Ever seen a peacock fly? Even more gorgeous than normal!

via reddit / spicedpumpkins


4. A timeless view of  Port Isaac, England.

via reddit / actiongames10


5. A 13th-century Scottish castle, Eilean Donan, is almost as if it is preserved in time.

via reddit / penisourusrex


6.  Victoria Falls from above!

via reddit / harisshahzad98


7. This is the reason why fog horns are necessary in San Francisco.

via reddit / [deleted]

8. Black Ice is not just an air freshener, it exists!

via reddit / [deleted]

9. Bio-luminescent firefly squid gliding in the waters of the coast of Japan

via Slate / Takehito Miyatake


10. A stunning view of Norway.

via reddit / crunzy


11. Hauntingly beautiful: a diver kneeing under the front of a sunken ship.

via reddit / yourmansconnect


12. Quebec City, Quebec- a bit of Europe in Canada!

via reddit / Paradoxou


13. There s nothing more satisfying than the perfect lines of freshly groomed snow on ski slopes.

via reddit / punerisaiyan


14. Mexico’s Colima Volcano erupts with a hail of lava, ash, and even lightening!

via Sergio Tapiro / World Press Photo


15. Fordite, not an element, not a rock, but rather the by-product of hardened paint at car factories!

via reddit / iBleeedorange


16. The deep blues of the Mediterranean port town Vernazza, in Italy.

via reddit / Lobo2ffs

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