The Law Of Physics Is Treated To A Few Lessons Of Its Own In These 16 Pics

Nobody likes a showoff. Unless you’re looking for something distracting that also makes you go ‘woah’. Here it is. 

Gravity, shmavity. Turns out that even the Laws of Nature are there to be broken.


1. Cairo Airport rocking travelers worlds.

via flickr / Henry & Tersia


2. Mother Nature does deliver sometimes. In this case, a hassle-free snow fort.

via imgur / StexPower


3. I don’t know many people who would try to overtake this vehicle.

via imgur / jponic


4. Bow down to the master.

via imgur / Stuart117


5. And without even trying, he just one-upped his big sis.




6. This stunt is only for the veterans in the game.

via flickr / agfertl


7. Hates traffic.

via reddit / [deleted]


8. But will they stick the landing?

via imgur / Tballgame2


9. Show off.

via imgur / basilhallward


10. Yeah, but then you have no juice to go with your cereal.

via reddit / LICK_MY_GOAT_CHEESE


11. Walking out of a lame club like…



12. “Hang on while I just send this text.”

via reddit / [deleted]

13. Think there’s an audience?

via imgur / djs001


14. It’s all in the delivery.



15. Downward Dog, this.

via imgur / iSean7s


16. It’s really cool, but you’re still gunna have to clean it up.

via reddit / [deleted]