The Impossible Missing Pound Riddle

Every time you see a brain puzzle posted online, you typically try to figure it out on your own, and you may or may not get the solution. But then, once you look at the solution it all makes sense! The world is right again! The puzzle is solved and you can stop wracking your brain and sit back.

But THIS puzzle – this one is different! Because it’s practically impossible!

If you love to challenge yourself then this one is for you!


Three guys check into a hotel, asking for one room for the night. The hotel clerk says the bill is £30, so the guests split it evenly and pay £10 each.

Later the clerk realises that he’s overcharged the guys and the bill should only be £25.

In order rectify this, he takes the £5 that is owed to the lads in order to bring the bill down to £25. On the way to the room, he realises that he cannot divide £5 equally between three people.

As the guests are still unaware of the actual total of the revised bill, the clerk decides to just give each of the men £1 each and then keep the leftover £2 as a tip for himself.

So, each of them got £1 back: meaning they only paid £9 each; bringing the total paid to £27. The clerk has the leftover £2.

The £27 that guys paid, + the £2 the clerk kept = £29 so, if the guests originally handed over £30, what happened to the remaining £1?


Where did it go??


So, now you’re hoping for a straightforward answer, right?


The truth is there is no simple explanation. Take a look!

£30 = £1 + £1 + £1 + £2 + £25.

So you’ve taken into account that he gave them each one piece back, kept the remaining 2 for himself and added the amount they actually paid – the 25.

Okay, makes sense, right?

But NOW, try to figure it out when it’s broken up…

£9 + £9 + £9 + £2 = £29.

Having each paid £10 previously, they each got back £1 so now paid £9 each. Plus the clerk’s £2….

It’s okay. We can’t figure it out either.

Let’s just act like it never happened. Or share it with your friends and confuse the heck out of them too!!