Teenager Shows Off Her Legs And Ruffles A Few Feathers


Isa-Bella Leclair is a teenager from from New Brunswick, Canada who recently posted a picture that shows her legs, and it seems to have caused quite a riot.

She suffers from Parkes Weber Syndrome, a condition that leads to fluid building up in her right leg. This causes her legs to look swollen.

As a result, her legs have grown in size rapidly over the years, and by the time she entered college they were twice as large as they should have been! This left her incapable of participating in sports, and unable to wear jeans.

However, she’s not one to shirk from the truth. At the age of 19, she did something that shook the world and its preciously held standards of beauty.

This amazing woman posted a selfie that clearly shows off her legs.

Check out the video and support this incredible woman who is shaking the way the world views beauty.

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