Teen Gets Bullied Because Of His Ears, Then Decides To Transform Himself With Plastic Surgery

Bullying is a major problem all around the world, causing both physical and psychological damage to countless young people. When this teen boy got bullied, he found a unique way to do something about it.



The physical effects of bullying are easy to notice, but the mental damage can often be far more serious.

Even just calling someone names can have a profound effect on their self-esteem and psychological well-being. In fact, many victims of bullying will often have to deal with the mental scars of their torment well into their adult lives.

Statistics state that approximately 160,000 kids skip school because of fear of being bullied, and this problem clearly needs to stop!

When a 15-year-old boy named Ryan was being bullied because of the way he looked, he decided to do something drastic.

As in many cases, the bullies found an element of Ryan’s appearance that didn’t fit into their definition of ‘normal’, in this case it was his ears, and continuously attacked him over this one little thing. He was called names like ‘Dumbo’ and ‘Elf’ over and over again, breaking down his self-confidence and making his days miserable.

The bullying had been going on for several years and Ryan had simply had enough. He decided to try and get plastic surgery to alter his appearance and bring his confidence back, as well as shutting up the bullies for good.

Ryan’s family did their research and discovered that the surgery he needed was a little beyond their budget, so they decided to contact ‘The Doctors’ and ask for help. The video below will show you what happened next! Be sure to check it out and then SHARE Ryan’s incredible transformation with your friends.