Sweet 'Bait Dog,' Rescued From Illegal Dog Fighting Ring Receives Gifts From Around The World

It’s terrifying to think that the horrific practice of dog-fighting is still happening. The so-called ‘sport’ permanently affects the few dogs who are lucky enough to survive.  One such survivor is Abigail. 

The good news is that there are plenty of organizations that hunt down these horrifying dog-fighting rings and rescue the victims from lives of pain and brutality.

Rescued dogs can be rehabilitated and go on to live full and happy dog years, but some, such as sweet Abigail, don’t come out unscathed.

A small pit bull mix, Abigail was not considered a fighting dog. Instead, she was used as a “bait dog.” Bait dogs are usually timid or weaker than the others, and are used as practice opponents for larger, more aggressive dogs.

Thankfully, Abigail was eventually rescued when the fighting ring was raided by authorities. The poor pup was found in an anemic condition and infested with ticks.

“Maybe another day or two and she probably would have passed from being septic, because her injuries were at least a week or two old,” Victoria Frazier said.

Frazier is a part of the Love Is Fur Ever (LIFE) Dog Rescue organization that took Abigail in.

Not only was she very ill, but from her time in the ring Abigail’s face had been left completely mangled.

“The whole entire side of her face was missing,” said Frazier. “Her skin tissue was hanging. Most of her ear was gone.”

Facebook / Bonnets For Abigail

With the help of the local vets at Pets First Wellness Center, the loving team put Abigail on the road to recovery.

Abigail needed her bandages changed every day to prevent infection. To keep the dressings on nice and tight, Frazier and the team of rescuers started keeping her bandages in place with little hand-knitted headbands and bonnets.

“She’s going to wear those probably for the rest of her life,” Frazier said of the headbands. “We kind of made a little thing out of it.”

Facebook / Bonnets For Abigail

Sweet little Abigail really seemed to like them.

Maybe it was the comfort and security the warm creations provided, or the cute colors, but whatever it was Abigail was happy to play dress ups.

Facebook / Bonnets For Abigail

As the pictures of Abigail and her fancy head wear began to spread, people from around the world started sending in their own creations.

Facebook / Bonnets For Abigail

Her current total stands at over 50 with her donated collection growing every day.

Facebook / Bonnets For Abigail

Stylish Abigail now has a look for every occasion.

Facebook / Bonnets For Abigail

Of course, lovely Abigail is plenty adorable just as she is.

Facebook / Bonnets For Abigail

Luckily for the volunteers, the pup came out of her shell to reveal a happy and loving demeanor.

“We get many people saying they look forward to her posts every day, and that Abigail has restored their faith in humanity,” Frazier said.

Facebook / Bonnets For Abigail

Unfortunately, Abigail still has a long road of recovery in front of her and currently resides in the clinic until she regains her strength. She will have to undergo one more surgery to repair her missing ear.

When she finally recovers, she’ll be looking for a forever home and she’ll have one amazing wardrobe to take with her.

Facebook / Bonnets For Abigail


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